HPC Moving Forward survey

The Moving Forward Taskforce, commissioned by your session to recommend a long-term worship schedule (time, place, style, etc.) for Highland as we live into the call to Share God's Love in the new normal of our post-pandemic world, has been hard at work. Our taskforce's goal and purpose has been to discern God's will for the 'how', 'when', and 'where' of what responding to God's love and grace will look like in our worship. The group has been working through what we as a church value, what our history and previous practice can tell us, and how we can adapt what we do to most fully use our gifts and community both to worship God and to reach out to our community with the invitation to be a part of the family of God.

One of the recurring themes in our discussions has been the desire to discern God's will for Highland, not to just simply default to our personal preferences. This is God's call in all of our lives, not just in worship, but we believe it is critical as we look to where God is calling us as we move forward. As part of our work, we would like to hear from as many members of our congregation as possible. This will help inform our work and accurately understand the needs of our community. To this end we have created a brief survey (5 minutes or so to complete) that we are asking all of you to fill out. The more responses we get to this survey the better and more accurate the information will be and the more useful it will be to the work of our taskforce. You can access the survey on our website, through our app, on our Facebook page, or by simply clicking HERE. Also, we will have paper hard copies available for those who would prefer to complete the survey that way.  

As we continue our work, I would again ask that you regularly lift the church and, particularly the session members and staff involved in the task force, up in your prayers. I believe that God has amazing things planned for the future of HPC, that the 'best is yet to come' for our congregation, and the work of this task force will be critical in shaping what that future looks like. Pray for the clear leading of the Holy Spirit in all that we do, plan, and recommend.  

Sharing God's Love