Services will begin at 12:15 in the chapel.  Following the service, everyone is invited to join us for a soup and sandwich lunch in the side dining room off of the fellowship hall.
The cost of this weekly meal is just $5!
This year's Lent sermon series comes with an especially poignant invitation to join with others in bringing our doubt, fear, sorrow, loneliness, and dryness before God, hoping to taste God’s promised provision in the deserts of life.
Join us each week in person or online!
The Weekly Bible Study and Podcast during the season of Lent will be based on the book, "Meeting Jesus at the Table."  Each brief chapter centers on a Gospel reading of food and feasting from the life and teachings of Jesus.
CLICK HERE to order your book online!

Lenten worship services:

weekly Lent Podcast:

Lenten devotional resources:

This year, we are offering two devotional resources for you to follow throughout the season of Lent.  One is a daily devotion from Kate Bowler (the author of the book we used for last year's lenten seasons); the other is a weekly devotion from the Vital Congregations Institute of the PCUSA that features a corresponding weekly recipe!  Click on the buttons below to download you copy of each resource (the weekly devotions will also be posted as a blog entry every Wednesday during Lent).

Lenten calendar of events: