Hunkered Down Devotion

Romans 8:31-39 (VOICE)
31 So what should we say about all of this? If God is on our side, then tell me: whom should we fear? 32 If He did not spare His own Son, but handed Him over on our account, then don’t you think that He will graciously give us all things with Him? 33 Can anyone be so bold as to level a charge against God’s chosen? Especially since God’s “not guilty” verdict is already declared. 34 Who has the authority to condemn? Jesus the Anointed who died, but more importantly, conquered death when He was raised to sit at the right hand of God where He pleads on our behalf. 35 So who can separate us? What can come between us and the love of God’s Anointed? Can troubles, hardships, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger, or even death? The answer is, absolutely nothing. 36 As the psalm says,
On Your behalf, our lives are endangered constantly;
 we are like sheep awaiting slaughter.
37 But no matter what comes, we will always taste victory through Him who loved us. 38 For I have every confidence that nothing—not death, life, heavenly messengers, dark spirits, the present, the future, spiritual powers, 39 height, depth, nor any created thing—can come between us and the love of God revealed in the Anointed, Jesus our Lord.

We live in difficult times - there can be little doubt about that.  Even those of us that are materially blessed face the challenges of uncertainty and the fear and doubt that often comes with it.

In this time – and really in every time – these words from Romans eight are incredibly important.  So, no matter how this message finds you today, here these words and know they are meant for you:
  • God is on your side.  (and if God is on your side, who or what should you fear? Hint: nothing)
  • Because of Jesus Christ all the charges sin has leveled against us have been returned with an emphatic ‘Not Guilty!’ verdict.
  • There is only one – Jesus Christ – that has the authority to condemn you and he is the very one that died and conquered death for you (and me, and all of us!)
  • Finally, and if you remember nothing else, remember this: there is nothing - not death, life, heavenly messengers, dark spirits, the present, the future, spiritual powers,  height, depth, nor any created thing – that can separate us from the love of God, the love that is shown to us in and through Jesus Christ.

If you have been through one of our drive-through communions or, really, have heard me preach more than once or twice, you will have likely heard me speak the words from that last bullet point.  It isn’t because it is a force of habit.  It isn’t because I have run out of creative things to say (although that may be true as well).  Rather it is because I honestly believe that there are no words that we can hear that are more important for us to know, understand, and believe.

There is nothing - nothing we can do or leave undone; nothing we can say or leave unsaid; absolutely nothing – that can separate us from God’s love shown to us in and through Jesus Christ.  Praise God for that.

Sharing God’s Love,

Prayer:  Thank you, God.  Thank you for your love and your Son and all that you have given us.  Help us to believe in the love you have for us and live in response to that love.  Amen.

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