Hunkered Down Devotion

John 8:31-32 (Voice)
Jesus (to the new Jewish believers): 31 If you hear My voice and abide in My word, you are truly My disciples; 32 you will know the truth, and that truth will give you freedom.

This famous quote from Jesus, which we likely know in the more familiar rendering, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’   These words come after Jesus has shared teaching about who he was and how he related to God his father.  

Not all of those listening to Jesus understood what he was talking about, and not all of them were able to believe it ether.  The point here is that these familiar words about truth and freedom aren’t some kind of general axiom, they are spoken in a very specific context: Jesus is telling them that the truth that will set us free is the truth about Jesus and who he is.

Truth is a funny thing.  In the abstract, we all say that truth is good and that’s what we want.  But sometimes truth is hard to hear.  Sometimes truth is painful to admit.  Sometimes truth is difficult to understand.  But along with the truth, no matter who hard it might be also comes relief.

The relief comes because living in the truth means that you don’t need to pretend anymore.  Believing in Jesus and abiding in his Word, means letting go of the illusions & delusions that we harbor: that we are in control; that we earn or deserve God’s grace; that it is possible to cover up, hide or ignore our faults and failings.

Believing in Jesus and abiding in his Word, means embracing the light of truth that shines in every dark corner of our world and our hearts, bringing with it the clarity and cleansing that can only come from the true light of God.

We hide in the shadows and run from the truth because we fear what others might see, what we might see when we are exposed to the light.  But what comes along with the relief on the other side of the fear and doubt, and worry is that beautiful, promised, freedom.

The freedom Jesus brings us is the freedom to truly be free of fear, to not have to worry about being enough; to not have to worry about being found out; to not have to worry about measuring up.   The freedom we have when we listen to and abide in Jesus is the freedom to finally, truly be ourselves and to know that even with all of who we are exposed, we are loved, accepted, and welcomed into the family of God.

Sharing God’s Love, 

Prayer: Lord, lead us into the light of your truth and guide us to the freedom that only you can bring.  Amen.

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