Pilgrimage Update-Jan 2024

Fellow HPC Pilgrims,
We were so pleased with our Pilgrimage involvement last year! We had five guests from Highland and four more sponsored by our members. Many of us also joined the Team and chipped in for things like Team training, making Palanca, Prayer Banner, Serenade, and Ultreya. Let's keep that energy going strong in 2024!
The next Pilgrimage weekend will be at Camp Dixie March 7-10.

If you want to participate in some way, here are a few ways you can get involved now:

  • If you think someone from our church would benefit from Pilgrimage, reach out and suggest it. Last fall, some were interested but had schedule conflicts in early November.
  • Not sure about the sponsorship process? Click Here to the sponsorship guidelines & form.
  • Interested in joining the Team? Many Highland members are already planning to serve, but starting in an entry-level position is a great way to experience the rewarding aspects for Guests if you haven't been on the Team before. Click Here to find the Team Application Form.
  • Click Here to check your Directory listing and sign up for email updates about Pilgrimage. Update your profile if needed.

We're experimenting with new ways to keep you informed without overwhelming you. Let us know your preferred notification method (text, email, or none) regarding new Pilgrimage messages below.

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