Hunkered Down Devotion

Mark 8:27-29 (Voice)
27 As He traveled with His disciples into the villages of Caesarea Philippi, He posed an important question to them.  
Jesus: Who do the people say that I am?  
28 They told Him about the great speculation concerning His identity.  
Disciples: Some of them say You are John the Baptist,[a] others say Elijah, while others say one of the prophets of old.  
Jesus (pressing the question): 29 And who do you say that I am?  
Peter: You are God’s Anointed, the Liberating King.

Jesus asks, Who do you say that I am?  It is a simple question.  But, if Jesus were standing before you, what would your answer be?  Would you be sure of your answer?  Would you need to take a moment?  Or, would you be able to answer right away?  

I think many of us would be tempted to go with what I like to call the traditional ‘Sunday school answer’ route.  Throw in as many Bible verses as you can think of and just hope that you got something right?  There would be a temptation to think that we had to give some long, deep answer.

Many of us, feel a similar temptation when we pray, we keep throwing in words and phrases that we don’t ever use at any other time, or in any other context.   We keep talking and adding on words and run-on sentences because more is better.  You can relate to the disciples saying, well some people are saying….it’s a natural reaction.  Other people might no better.  And if they don’t, then the fault, and blame lies with them.

But that isn’t the question Jesus is asking the disciples in the end.  Jesus eventually wants to know who the disciples say he is.  And, now, Jesus wants to know who we say that Jesus is.  And, while for the disciples, for Peter the moment calls for stepping up and answering with a clear and concise verbal response.  For us, I think something more is required.  For sure, we need to proclaim Jesus as the son of God, our savior and our King, with our words.  I believe it is more important that we proclaim who we believe Jesus to be with the way that we live our lives.  That, more than anything will demonstrate to Jesus, and to the world around us, who we say that Jesus is.

Sharing God’s Love,

Prayer:  Lord, help us to proclaim the truth of who you are with all that we say and all that we do.  Amen.

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