Hunkered Down Devotion

Psalm 84:9-12 (Voice)
9 O True God, look at our shield, our protector, see the face of Your anointed king, and defend our defender.  
10 Just one day in the courts of Your temple is greater than a thousand anywhere else.
I would rather serve as a porter at my God’s doorstep than live in luxury in the house of the wicked.
11 For the Eternal God is a sun and a shield.  The Eternal grants favor and glory; He doesn’t deny any good thing to those who live with integrity.  
12 O Eternal One, Commander of heaven’s armies, how fortunate are those who trust You.

There is a song taken from this Psalm, ‘Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your courts, than thousands elsewhere’.  It is a beautiful, wonderful sentiment, and I have sung it with a full heart and voice on many occasions.  At the same time, I wonder do we really believe those words – either in the song, or in the Psalm itself?  

I genuinely believe that we were specifically designed to be in relationship – or in the words of the Psalm, to spend our days ‘in the courts’ of God.  But we often forgo this perfectly designed plan for cheap substitutes.  Instead of time spent in God’s courts, we spend time in the courts of power, or money, or influence, or lust and we trade those imitations in for things that don’t satisfy us because they weren’t designed to.  

The beauty of this Psalm is that the psalmist has clearly tasted the reality of God’s courts, he no doubt has had his fair share of imitations and temptations as well, but he has recognized the wonder and goodness in God’s courts and seen that there is just no comparison.  

Sharing God’s Love,
Prayer:  Lord, help me to seek time in your courts however I might find them. Amen.

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